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Amazonas doll (from the “Feathered Serpent” collection)

Doll Amazonas from the collection “Feathered Serpent” is created in collaboration with the masters of jewelry brand Auris Jewellery. This doll, along with the doll Ocean from the same collection, is associated with the element of water. Here we have combined and intertwined the symbols of awakened consciousness.

The doll Amazonas is named after the majestic and legendary Amazon River — the main artery that nourishes the life of the Amazon jungle. The doll is dressed in jewelry made of gold and selective crystals inspired by the jewelry of stone goddesses on ancient Indian bas-reliefs and sculptures. Based on the existing piercing elements, together with Auris craftsmen we have designed jewelry for the whole body of the doll in the shape of a bodice and belt with garters, piercings, beads and accessories. Auris’ artisans have handcrafted incredibly small jewelry and piercings.

The iroquois on her head symbolizes the union of opposites and resembles the head of the Quetzal bird. And the winding braids in the shape of descending snakes symbolizes the spiral of evolutionary energy of the world. In the tradition of Maya and Aztecs images of snake and bird also merge into a single deity Ketsalkoatl, otherwise called “winged serpent” and symbolizing the awakened consciousness or awakened Kundalini energy. Silk lotuses complete the look of the hairstyle, and the developing and flowing hair resembles waves of water.

For the hair, we carefully selected natural goat and alpaca wool, and then dyed the hair using the multi-layer dyeing method, in several stages, to create subtle shades and a soft transition from one color to another.

The doll’s feet are dressed in tall, unrealistic pointe shoes. They are designed to create the feeling that the doll almost does not touch the ground, but hangs above it. The pointe shoes are decorated with stylized bird claws.

The doll’s head is crowned with a halo — a symbol of enlightened consciousness, holiness.

The doll Amazonas, as well as other dolls from the collection “Feathered Serpent”, is ringed like a bird. A gold plated name bracelet is snapped on her left ankle, engraved with the doll’s name, the name of the collection and our logo inside the bracelet. Everything was handwritten by us with a brush on paper and then Auris craftsmen engraved these inscriptions on the bracelets.

This is the second OOAK collection of dolls, which has exclusive boxes, passports and individual accessories for each doll. In addition, each doll comes with an exclusive stand decorated with gold leaf.

For the dolls from the “Feathered Serpent” series we have created exclusive large wooden display boxes for a spectacular display in the interior. We chose a hexagonal shape of the box — the shape of a sacral honeycomb. Inside the box there is a nameplate with the engraved name of the doll, the name of the collection and the date of creation. The box closes with a magnetic lock. On the outside there is our logo hand carved.

During the process, we discovered that two or more boxes combine with each other to become multiple doll niches. It’s an amazing effect!

The initials of the first owner are engraved on the back of the doll’s neck. They are also inscribed in the doll’s passport.

The doll is in a private collection.


  • Glass (rhinestones)
  • Metal
  • Metal (gold plating)
  • Plastic
  • Textile
  • Wool (alpaca)

Dimensions and weight

4 cm
1.6 in
8 cm
3.1 in
40 cm
1 ft 3.7 in
1.5 kg
3 lb 4.9 oz

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