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Notice on the Use and Processing of the Cookie-files

Last modified: September 11, 2021

This Notice on the Use and Processing of the Cookie-files (hereinafter referred to as the Notice) is a part of the Privacy Policy passed by HDMD, LLC (Litovsky blvd, 5/10-380, Moscow, 117593, Russia; INN (taxpayer identification number) 7728445015, OGRN (primary state registration number) 1187746804893; hereinafter referred to as HANDMADE, we, us, our), the English language version of which is available at:, and relates to processing of personal data of users of the site (hereinafter referred to as the Website), including information that we collect and store using cookie-files (cookies), as described below.


Cookies are small text files that websites place on your device as you are browsing. They are processed and stored by your web browser. In and of themselves, cookies are harmless and serve crucial functions for websites. Cookies can also generally be easily viewed and deleted.

However, cookies can store a wealth of data, enough to potentially identify you without your consent. Cookies are the primary tool that advertisers use to track your online activity so that they can target you with highly specific ads. Given the amount of data that cookies can contain, they can be considered personal data in certain circumstances and, therefore, subject to the Federal Law of the Russian Federation On Personal Data No. 152-ФЗ dated 27.07.2006 and to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), passed by the European Union.


1.1.  We process the following information:

–  Information that you provided to us via the Website or when you access our services via third-party websites or applications.

–  Information about our content (materials), products (items) and services that you ordered or requested.

–  Information provided to us by other organizations, such as address verification services and data brokers (includes personal data that is publicly available).

–  Information about user data that you create when accessing products and services on the Website.

–  Information that we collect using cookie-files and related technologies from devices that you use to access and receive content, products and services, about your use of the website and/or content, products and services of third parties, including information about your device and browser that can be collected when cookies are disabled.

–  IP address, MAC address, unique identification number, network identifier, browser information, data port information, location information, logical network address and other similar identification information necessary for the devices to interact with websites and applications on the Internet .

–  Technical information from devices that you use to receive our content, products and services, for example, diagnostic information and traffic or location information. Please note that devices and applications have their own privacy and notification settings, according to which they collect your information, therefore we recommend that you check and configure your device and application.


2.1. When you visit the Website (a) for the first time, (b) after a long break, (c) using a new device or (d) in private mode (incognito) – a cookie banner is displayed at the bottom of your browser window, which contains a direct link to this Notice. To hide the cookie banner, you must click on the I agree button on the right side of the banner.

Please note that neither reading this Notice nor hiding the cookie banner means that you have agreed to our use of your cookies. The only thing that means your explicit consent to the fact that we will use your cookies under the terms and conditions described in this Notice is that you use (continue to use) our Website and the content, products (items) and/or services published on it.

2.2.  You should know that when you access or use our content, products and services, we can collect information from devices that you use to access and (or) receive HANDMADE's content, products and services using cookies. We also collect such information from third-party websites, mobile sites and from applications in which we display our own advertising using cookies and appropriate advertising technologies.

2.3.  If you want to learn how to manage cookies and choose whether or not to receive information of various types, see Section 3 (Cookies Management) below.


3.1.  We respect your privacy rights and are therefore pleased to provide you with the tools to manage the cookies you receive from our services.

3.2.  Some cookies are necessary for the operation of our platform (you cannot refuse these cookies if you want to use our platform). Below you will find a list of some third-party cookies used by HANDMADE. For those users who would prefer not to receive unnecessary cookies, we provide the opportunity to refuse.

3.2.1.  Names of the cookie-files: _ga, _gat, _gid.

Link to the cookie policy:

Links to refuse the processing of cookies:

3.2.2.  Name of the cookie-files: fr.

Link to the cookie policy:

Links to refuse the processing of cookies:

3.2.3.  Names of the cookie-files: _ym_isad, _ym_uid, yabs-sid, _ym_debug, _ym_mp2_substs, I, yandexuid, usst, _ym_visorc_*, _ym_hostIndex, _ym_mp2_track, zz.

Link to the cookie policy:

Link to refuse the processing of cookies:

3.3.  Your browser may also allow you to block the storage of cookies on your computer. For more information about this, please refer to the help menu of your browser. If you use our services without blocking cookies, you actually agree to the receipt of  our cookie-files and their further processing.


We store your information in accordance with our policy for the storage, deletion and protection of data. It sets the criteria that we use to determine how long we keep your information, what measures we take to ensure the security of your information. When deciding what to save, we take into account what information we need in order to best provide you with the service, goods and services, manage your relations with us, fulfill the obligations established by law and satisfy the reasonable expectations of our customers.


5.1.  If you want to file a complaint about how we use and process cookie-files, please contact our support team via the feedback form on the website or at, and we will do our best to help you .

5.2.  If you have any questions or comments regarding this Notice, you can send them to us at


We will update this Notice periodically. We will publish a notice of any significant amendments on our website before they are made and, if necessary, will notify you by email at the email address associated with your profile on the website. We recommend that you periodically review the Notice to be aware of how we use and process cookies.