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Lilli Pop doll (from the “Pied-de-Poodle” collection)

“This doll is special for us. It is an expression of our great love for Barbie and of course her predecessor, Bild Lilli, without whom the world would never have seen Barbie. Lilli Pop is our reading, our interpretation of the very first Barbie. It’s an exception to the rule because we never make replicas or repeat someone else’s ideas. Lilli is one of a kind — she is unique, she is an icon. We gave her the name Lilli in honor of Bild Lilli, and Pop after our surname Popovy.”
(Katya and Lena)

One-of-a-kind doll from the Pied-de-Poodle collection. Mold — Little Owl. Eyes — glass. Body — exclusive Venus-Madonna (used only for OOAK dolls). The set includes two pairs of hands — #5 with manicure in bright pink color, as well as exclusive hands #4 with black inserts in the shape of liquid latex flowing down the fingers. The feet are heeled with a bright pink manicure.

The main feature of the collection is a choker collar with a pendant engraved with the doll’s individual number. Each doll from the collection has its own individual number.

The leotard is made of silk.
Fur sleeves — faux fur.
Jewelry — brass with 585 gold plating.
Piercing in ears — microstars (gold).
Navel piercing — gold, white fianite (CZ).
Shoes — brass, 585 gold-plated, silk.
Glasses with the logo of the workshop — butterflies on the lenses.

The doll comes with an exclusive gilded stand (gold leaf) with a plaque. The doll’s passport has a unique design, designed especially for the Pied-de-Poodle collection.

The doll boxes in this collection have a unique design. The box is hand quilted and beaded. On each box there is an autograph of Katya and Lena, as well as the number of the doll from the collection.

The initials of the first owner are inscribed in the doll’s passport and engraved on the back of the neck.


  • Beads
  • Fur (eco)
  • Metal (brass)
  • Metal (gold plating)
  • Metal (gold)
  • Plastic
  • Stone (cubic zirconia)
  • Textile (natural silk)

Dimensions and weight

4 cm
1.6 in
8 cm
3.1 in
40 cm
1 ft 3.7 in
800 g
1 lb 12.2 oz

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