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Master class "Create your own Teddy love"

Master class on creating a Teddy bear. The bear will be sewn according to the author's pattern, which is included in the price of the course. The master class consists of a series of videos in Russian, recorded personally by the author. The videos contain detailed instructions, comments and explanations by the author about each stage of the item creation. The videos are posted on a private account on the Instagram social network.

1. Preparation of the pattern.
2. Learning to stitch parts.
3. Cutting out parts.
4. Preparation of parts before stitching.
5. Stitching of every detail. Eversion.
6. Padding of the head and legs.
7. Tightening the disc in the head.
8. Sewing the packing holes.
9. Vintage haircut, creating scuffs. 3 ways are described.
10. Assembling.
11. Body stuffing, hole sewing.
12. Ears: the secret from JuliaTeddys❤️
13. Setting eyes.
14. Toning.
15. Nose and claw embroidery.
16. Waxing: the effect of an old and loved bear.
17. Decor: creating a finished image.
18. Passport and packaging of the item.

The price of the master class includes access to the materials of the private account for a period of three months.

The price of the master class does not include materials and tools, but contains detailed information on what you will need.

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