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Foldable chessboard with figures

Classic figures (staunton): white and black (tinted) - handmade of solid Karelian birch (turning). Each figure is made separately, processed, sanded and coated with glossy varnish. The base of the figures is weighted and covered with velvet.

The board is drawn from the veneer of Karelian birch, covered with semi-matt varnish. Size of squares - 45 mm (1.77 in).

Pay attention to the finishing inside the board where the plank in the form of a wave is installed. When folding the board, the waves enter one another and close tightly. When the board is placed in the open state on the table, it relies on these waves, which play the role of legs (not on the hinges that usually scratch the table).

In the open state, the halves of the board are exactly adjacent to each other without forming a gap (the problem with the gap is known to those who use a folding chessboard).

Inside the board is glued with corrugated foam rubber. It delicately presses the figures, protecting them from scratches and damage. allowing not to make any sound when carrying.

The description is not in the workshop's base language.
Due to the fact that natural wood is used to make this item, the texture and/or pattern of the material of the final item may slightly differ from what is shown in the photographs or displayed on the screen of your device.

~ In stock
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