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Fantasy miniature "Flea shop"

Dzabur, tired of a long hike, did not stop. His faithful ally and friend Dory did not feel thirsty and continued to follow the master tirelessly. Dory is a young representative of chitin giants that resemble our flea. They could reach one and a half meters at the withers.

Dzabur found him two cycles ago, Dory was very poor and crippled. From the moment they met, an invisible connection arose between them. Dzabur nursed a new friend for a long time. And by the time of recovery he intended to let him go free, but Dory did not want to leave and stayed.

Dzabur used to trade in the market in his native settlement, and Dory helped him with carrying heavy loads. Everything was fine with them. But after the Great Thunder, life on the whole continent changed dramatically. The Ruins of the Ancients shone with a new light. A sea of ​​adventurers rushed to explore this phenomenon. The new shine of the Ruins of the Ancients has turned out to be cold and dangerous. And thereby attracted even more interest. And where the interest exists, there is also a place for trading. Dzabur has gathered everything he needed, outfitted Dory, and now they are on their way through the wasteland to the main center of attention of all the souls of the mainland...

Handmade fantasy miniature, inspired by the Morrowind universe. Various elements of the composition are made using papier-mâché technique.

Free delivery in Russia.

~ Not available

Kinetic sculpture "LighthousE-FisH"

Mechanical fish – a combination of sculpture and engineering. The interweaving of mechanics and art at the highest level of craftsmanship, filling inanimate mechanisms with life. The main gear moves through the linkage system, opening the aperture blades, the large and small gears rotate, and the central diaphragm opens. The fish comes to life, filled with light, giving inspiration, giving birth to new images, mesmerizing with the perfection of every detail. It is not like any other inhabitant of the ocean. The fish is a symbol of the eternal cycle of life – a beacon in our complex and troubled world, able to lead through time and space.

A steampunk kinetic lamp was first presented at the international exhibition in Moscow in 2012. There are only four copies of the sculpture in private collections today.

Lighthouse fish based on the classic iris diaphragm. The case is made of American walnut, trimmed with elements of copper, brass and leather. The gears of the diaphragm drive are covered with gold leaf.

The description is not in the author's (workshop's) base language.
Due to the fact that natural wood is used to make this item, the texture and/or pattern of the material of the final item may slightly differ from what is shown in the photographs or displayed on the screen of your device.

~ Can be ordered
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