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Sculpture "Angler fish"

Year 3000... After a global catastrophe, the Earth is completely covered with water. At great depths, a fishing angler found its refuge, once created as an experimental specimen of a biorobot capable of withstanding the great pressure of the water at the bottom of the ocean. In absolute darkness, a tiny orange light appears and a muffled sound of the propeller is heard. It is the Angler fish who tries to attract with its light those who survived.

The fish is completely handmade in the style of steampunk.

When turned on, the propeller rotates (rotation speed: 25 rpm.) in the fish, And the light installed in the angler rod glows. Power is supplied from a power bank (10,000 mAh), secretly installed in the body of the fish.


  • Metal (brass)
  • Metal (copper)
  • Wood

Dimensions and weight

60 cm
1 ft 11.6 in
20 cm
7.9 in
50 cm
1 ft 7.7 in
2.5 kg
5 lb 8.2 oz

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