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Hair band "Spring Tree Spirit"

~ In stock

What could be more cute than ears?... You, wearing those ears! 

Tested at the last festival — this accessory fits everyone, 100% :) 

I love our collaboration with SILVER UNICO. When beautiful flowers bloom (and never fade!) on metal and stones, the magic of gnomes and fairies is definitely involved here. And the combination of brass with violet-green hues is truly a delight for the eyes. 

This jewelry with a story and complemented by a scroll with a fairy tale :) 

Mail delivery is included in the price. 

Key properties and characteristics


  • Glass
  • Metal (brass)
  • Self-hardening polymer clay

Dimensions and weight

  • Length - 10 cm
  • Width - 20 cm
  • Height - 30 cm
  • Weight - 0.2 kg

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