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Aromaculon "Potion of the Swamp-Witch"

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Greetings from the Swamp-Witch! 

As a present, she prepared a special potion for you, which was infused with the roots and herbs growing there, carefully aged under the stars for several moons — and now, stratified and repeating the color of the sky above the Swamp, it crystallized. 

The phial has a cavity inside for storing aromas and is equipped with a special device for placing perfumes inside (in everyday life we call it a pipette). 

The pendant has two equal sides — since the potion had the opportunity to observe its native places and its landscapes both on a cloudless night, when the crescent moon sparkles, reflecting the light of the stars, and at foggy midnight. And the stone on the one hand is as open as possible, and on the other, it is braided with violent branches. 

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Key properties and characteristics


  • Metal (nickel silver)
  • Metal (stainless steel)
  • Metal (tin)
  • Stone (amethyst)
  • Stone (chrysoprase)
  • Stone (fluorite)
  • Stone (moonstone)

Dimensions and weight

  • Length - 3 cm
  • Width - 2 cm
  • Height - 6 cm
  • Weight - 0.01 kg

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