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Robot Monstro "M"

~ Not available

Machinarius robot Monstro "M". Completely handmade. Exists in a single copy (one of a kind), in private collection. 

The car is made in hot rod style. All the wheels rotate, the front wheels turns, the steering arm and some engine parts can be moved. The headlights and brake lights can be switched on with a lever with a clockwork mechanism – after 4 minutes the light turns off, the mechanism stops and a sound imitating the idling of the engine disappears.

The second clock mechanism is behind the radiator. When triggered,it simulates the sound of a moving car.

Inside, a robot driver sits in the cockpit. The windows are darkened with a translucent film.

On the bottom of the hot rod there is a signature Machinarius seal made of red sealing wax.

A video in the Posts section of our workshop is available.

Key properties and characteristics


  • Genuine leather
  • Glass
  • Metal (aluminum)
  • Metal (copper)
  • Metal (steel)
  • Plastic
  • Wood

Dimensions and weight

  • Length - 71.5 cm
  • Width - 30 cm
  • Height - 16.5 cm
  • Weight - 7.8 kg

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