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Robot "Rollsik"

Machinarius robot "Rollsik". Completely handmade.
Exists in a single copy (one of a kind), in private collection.

Car's headlights, side lights, brake lights can be turned on (the brightness of the brake lights is adjustable). The arrow, numbers and button on the impromptu speedometer are fluorescent (reflect light). Wheels and steering wheel rotate. Mirrors reflect.

When you press the button on the speedometer, a motor is turned on, simulating the sound of an engine.

The robot has all parts of the body partially flexible.


  • Genuine leather
  • Glass
  • Metal (aluminum)
  • Metal (copper)
  • Metal (steel)
  • Plastic

Dimensions and weight

47 cm
1 ft 6.5 in
19 cm
7.5 in
26 cm
10.2 in
1.9 kg
4 lb 3.0 oz

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