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Robot Focus

~ Not available

Machinarius robot Focus. Completely handmade. Exists in a single copy (one of a kind), in private collection. 

The robot has partially flexible arms, fingers, hands and neck. There is a clockwork on the chest - a timer for 7 minutes. When the timer is activated, the bulbs in the eyes and the illumination of the two pressure gauges turn on. The mechanism emits a clicking sound. 

Some elements rotate on the robot's head. 

The tripod is foldable, the camera is removable. 

Robot weight: ~ 8.2 kg.

Key properties and characteristics


  • Genuine leather
  • Glass
  • Metal (aluminum)
  • Metal (copper)
  • Metal (steel)
  • Plastic

Dimensions and weight

  • Length - 40 cm
  • Width - 30 cm
  • Height - 119 cm
  • Weight - 10 kg

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