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Dragon “Star Ocean”

Star Ocean. Dragon-spirit...

The night is coming. Its huge wings cover the world. The line between the sky and the sea disappears, from below and above there is now a stellar ocean. As ancient as the Universe itself, it washes shores and countries that are not on any map — but some of us know their languages. Its currents are born in it — sometimes barely discernible in the depths, then uplifting waves of unearthly power, and stellar winds inflate the sails of ships. Imaginations and dreams ... the Star Ocean above and below. And inside us. And the Spirit of the Star Ocean is always with it — and with the one it will call for.

Unique handmade dragon. made of genuine leather on a flexible frame. It is also painted by hand with acrylics. Eyes — lapis lazuli.

Unfortunately, cannot be repeated.


  • Genuine leather
  • Metal (wire)
  • Paint (acrylic)
  • Stone (lazurite)

Dimensions and weight

111 cm
3 ft 7.7 in
50 cm
1 ft 7.7 in
15 cm
5.9 in
700 g
1 lb 8.7 oz

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