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~ In stock

A miniature from Neko Galaxy Miniatures called Nancy P90.

Upgrade: a cap with earflaps from another miniature.

Author's painting by airbrush and brush. Paints Vallejo. Chipping effect was achieved using Vallejo Chipping Medium.

Fur on a hat - airbrush + dry brush.

Stars are decals.

Chips for aluminum - AK Interactive

Wax paint TRUE METAL.

Rusty smudges - rust-colored paint, heavily diluted to a washout level

The style of the original miniature is completely different, sci-fi, but I have decided to make it in the style of the Red Army. :) Thanks.

Key properties and characteristics
  • Epoxy
Dimensions and weight
  • Length (cm) - 5 cm
  • Width (cm) - 5 cm
  • Height (cm) - 8 cm
  • Weight (kg) - 0.1 kg

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