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Teapot “Mom”

This is the third teapot of my challenge. Listen to its story.

Do you know the feeling when you start something new and are you scared? You are so small standing in front of a crowd of spectators, and offering something daring. Something unusual. How to stay confident? And if they don’t like it? And if they don’t understand?

At such moments, I have a strong feeling that I am not alone. Those who lived before me are now behind me. Those who taught my great-grandmother to be like she was. Those who taught my mother how to live. Those who brought me everything that I am composed of now, that I keep forming and changing.

In a way, I’m the queen of an entire country. When I speak, they all support me. Because they gave me the baton. I am them. And I speak on behalf of my people.

Mom. 母. This hieroglyph is written at the bottom of the teapot. In its most childish sense. This is not a specific person. This is a huge, bright and dark community that always supports us, because we are its ideal expression now. It is this support that makes us confident. Such support makes us genious.

This is one of my masterpieces.

Handmade ceramic teapot with a volume of approximately 150 ml.


  • Clay

Dimensions and weight

20 cm
7.9 in
15 cm
5.9 in
12 cm
4.7 in
300 g
10.6 oz

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