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Candle-totem Lion in stone

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Lion is a member of the feline family, and is associated with strength. He is rightly considered the king of the beasts. Why not? After all, he has such a complex nature!

Lion is a rather controversial totem figure. Despite a large number of positive qualities: courage, strength, ability to lead, nobility, responsiveness, there are also negative features, the most noticeable of which is selfishness. The problems of other members of society rarely worry the owners of this totem, because the lion must be in the center, and the world must circle around him. But it is not all that bad. In an emergency situation, the help of such a person will be indispensable. He is able to switch the focus of attention for the sake of an important person.

Handmade candle. Can be a candle or decoration of your interior.

Due to the color rendition of some devices, the color of the product may slightly differ from what is shown in the photographs or displayed on the screen of your device.


  • Paint (acrylic)
  • Textile (cotton)
  • Wax

Dimensions and weight

7 cm
2.8 in
7 cm
2.8 in
9.5 cm
3.7 in
130 g
4.6 oz

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