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Choker necklace with rose quartz

Handmade macrame choker necklace with natural rose quartz.

Woven with 1 mm thick nylon cord.
The cord is durable, resistant to fading, does not stretch or lose its shape, does not cause allergies.

The length of the choker is adjustable (from 40 to 80 cm).

The item is presented as an example and is temporarily not available for order.

Care recommendations

Careful care.
Avoid bumps and falls, it can damage the stones.
Avoid contact with cosmetics, perfumes, chemicals, any detergents and cleaners, oils, salt.
First apply cosmetics, creams to the skin, use perfumes, and only after they are completely dry, put on jewelry.

Store in boxes or cloth bags.

If the choker is dirty, use a soft cloth or tissue to clean the jewelry. Wash under cool running water, gentle movements, do not crumple or wring out (if possible, try to avoid contact of the choker with water).


  • Nylon
  • Stone (quartz)

Dimensions and weight

40 cm
1 ft 3.7 in
5 cm
2.0 in
1 cm
0.4 in
150 g
5.3 oz

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