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Lighthouse — the Light of the Right Path

Lighthouses are perhaps the most romantic structures on the planet. The light of the lighthouse is comparable to the light of the stars, which go out during the day and light up at night. Likewise, the light of the lighthouse lights up with the brightest star in order to show the way to ships with guiding fire, warning of danger or showing the way to home.

Everything related to lighthouses is by all means shrouded in romance and the spirit of adventure. That is not a surprise, because lighthouses are always built in the most beautiful places, and their purpose is to inform sea travelers the safest route for passing the site.

By analogy with a «guiding star,» the lighthouse symbolizes hope for those moving in the darkness and looking for a way, and in a figurative sense, their path and destiny. And by settling in your home, it will become your personal guiding star!

Care recommendations

Wipe clean with a slightly damp cloth.


  • Metal (steel)
  • Wood
  • Wood (driftwood)

Dimensions and weight

10 cm
3.9 in
10 cm
3.9 in
32.5 cm
1 ft 0.8 in
500 g
1 lb 1.6 oz

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