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Portrait of Gautama Buddha

A reproduction of a statue of Buddha of the 1-2 century AD, made in a unique author's technique: a durable polymer mono-filament with a length of more than 1.5 km (0.9 mi) is placed on two hundred aluminum hairpins fastened to a wooden base, forming a visible pattern. The image of Buddha in this painting is both ephemeral and voluminous. Completely handmade.

Siddhartha Gautama Shakyamuni is a key figure in Buddhism. Stories about his life, his sayings, dialogues with disciples and monastic covenants were summarized by his followers after his death and formed the basis of canonical collections of Buddhist texts, Tibetan Ganchzhur, Chinese Tripitaka, but above all the Buddhist canon in the Pali language — Tipitaki.

This picture looks good both from afar and up close. Oak veneer tinted with acrylic paints is applied to the wooden base.

Each item in the workshop is equipped with a hanger that allows you to hang it on the wall.

The item is not stamped on the conveyor. This means that it is impossible to create a copy that is absolutely identical to the original. The author will always strive to ensure that the item is as similar as possible to what you see in the photographs, however, an item made to order may have slight differences in the texture and/or pattern of the materials used, color, size, weight, etc.

Due to the color rendition of some devices, the color of the product may slightly differ from what is shown in the photographs or displayed on the screen of your device.

Time for creating (approximate)



  • Metal (aluminum)
  • Nylon
  • Paint (acrylic)
  • Wood

Dimensions and weight

55 cm
1 ft 9.7 in
55 cm
1 ft 9.7 in
1 cm
0.4 in
3 kg
6 lb 9.8 oz

Other items of the workshop

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