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Doll “Coral invisible being” (the “Soul” series)

The true feelings of this doll are hidden under a mask. He is a mystery, a riddle, a ghost from the depths of the Ocean. What is he thinking about, what is he dreaming of? This is unknown to anyone. In the invisible world, he is the “Wandering Soul” — an invisible man from the invisible world, a wanderer, a traveler. He is so unusual, completely different, not like anyone else. He seeks his world, his fate, his love, wandering around the world, discovering new and unknown, carefully preserving it in his soul.

The doll is handmade in a mixed technique of papier-mâché and ladoll — polymer self-hardening clay. Gray and white clothes are decorated with bright red coral embroidery. All details are handmade — embroidery with stitch, beads, rhinestones, stucco corals, arms, legs.

The doll is painted with acrylics and fixed with varnish. It is mounted on a wooden stand painted in dark gray color, emphasizing the depth of the image.

The “Soul” Series (2019)

The search for a new interpretation of the puppetry, expressed in the depths of our souls. Dolls in this series have no faces, but this does not mean that they are faceless and empty. Emptiness is a synonym for mystery, depth, and unknown. Our true face is hidden from sight.


  • Beads
  • Clay (stone)
  • Paint (acrylic)
  • Papier mache

Dimensions and weight

20 cm
7.9 in
20 cm
7.9 in
34 cm
1 ft 1.4 in
1.2 kg
2 lb 10.3 oz

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