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Scented candle — Cocktail on the Beach

The aroma of freshness with notes of cucumber water and sea salt intertwines with the smell of the famous cocktail — pina colada.

Top notes: lime, pineapple, bergamot zest.
Heart notes: sea salt, iodine, cream, bourbon vanilla.
Base notes: coconut, sandalwood, maple syrup, amber, moss.

Volume: 200 ml.
Burning time ~40 hours.

Method of use

When using for the first time, be sure to allow the wax to melt to the edges to prevent the formation of a hole.

Trim the wick before each further use.

Due to the color rendition of some devices, the color of the product may slightly differ from what is shown in the photographs or displayed on the screen of your device.


  • Glass
  • Textile (cotton)
  • Wax (soy)

Dimensions and weight

7 cm
2.8 in
6 cm
2.4 in
6 cm
2.4 in
300 g
10.6 oz

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