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Mug + smoking pipe (2 in 1)

The great thing about this mug is that:
— it has a real leaf printed on it — with a unique natural pattern, veins and contour;
— the surface of the mug is embossed, which is tactilely pleasant;
— you can brew not only your favorite drink in it, but also something else ...
For this purpose there is a special device — a bowl with a shaft hidden inside the mug.

Feel this vibe:
— make yourself comfortable and take your time,
— prepare a dessert and pour a cup of your favorite beverage,
— think happy thoughts,
— take the device in your hands and enjoy the process...

Delight yourself or a loved one with a soulful handmade device.

Nets as a gift.

Care recommendations

My devices often have a complex shape, so for many the question arises — how to clean them? Here is my way of doing this.

You need powder for cleaning bongs. If you have not one, you can replace it with another cleaning agent, for example, for washing ovens.

Dissolve the agent in boiling water. Place the device in the solution. Leave it there for a couple of hours.

Take out and rinse well with water. That’s all. The device is ready to use.

Due to the color rendition of some devices, the color of the product may slightly differ from what is shown in the photographs or displayed on the screen of your device.


  • Ceramic glaze
  • Clay

Dimensions and weight

14.5 cm
5.7 in
14 cm
5.5 in
10 cm
3.9 in
400 g
14.1 oz

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