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Natali Ani

Russia, Orsk

I am Natalia Anikeeva, a master of creating interior Tilda dolls.

The story of my hobby began when my goddaughter Polina asked me to help her with her school assignment — to make a Tilda doll. At that time I had no experience, but I found inspiration on the internet. Our first doll was simple, but the teacher was pleased. So I started to create cute dolls with long legs and arms, completely handmade.

I use natural cotton, linen, viscose, vintage chiffon, crocheted lace, beads and handmade flowers. Each doll is unique and is created in a single copy. Every new doll is not a copy of the existing doll, but a creation in which the soul is invested. Holding a doll in your hands you will feel how mysterious and attractive she is. Such a doll will complement the interior and add a unique zest. I will help you choose a doll that will become not just a beautiful trinket, but a real keeper of the house and a talisman.

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