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Izmestiev Diamonds

Russia, Moscow

Dear connoisseurs of jewelry art! My name is Sergey Izmestiev. I am a hereditary jeweler. All the presented jewelry, from sketch to manufacture, was created in our small workshop in Moscow. The fundamental point in our work has always been the originality of the jewelry, the highest quality of its manufacture and, of course, the use of only the best in quality and beauty stones. It all started with stones in 2000, when I opened a cutting plant in Moscow for processing diamonds into polished diamonds. Working through thousands of stones, I realized that it is precisely the cut that reveals all the beauty inherent in the stone by Nature. Since then, I have personally selected only the finest diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and many other natural stones to create our jewelry. Since then, stones have been my passion. Sometimes I have the same dream: I walk along the stream and collect bright stones, rejoicing at every find. The effect of this dream often spills over into reality - when I look for especially rare stones for a client, such as Brazilian alexandrite, Burmese ruby, Kashmir sapphire or pink diamond. I hope that a piece of my "stone" passion will be passed on to you, lovers of beauty!

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