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Teddy bear "Ruby"

"The greatest stone in the world" — this is how the ruby was called in ancient times. It has long been valued for its unique ability to heal people. Also serves as a talisman for good people. But the main thing is that this red mineral is considered a symbol not only of strength and health, but also of strong, passionate love. It can not only give birth to it, but also support it for many years. This is a stone of love, it is filled with it! Gives family happiness. 

The teddy bear, inspired by this stone, is sewn entirely by hand. The size is 28 cm in full height. Fastening: discs and five cotter pins. Hand-dyed viscose (Germany). Stuffed tightly with filings (Russia). Accessories: vintage velvet ribbon, rhinestones (Austria), beads (Japan and Czech Republic). Light tinting with oil paints. Delicately aged and depressed. The nose, claws and darning are made with silver threads.

Such a bear would be a great gift with a deep meaning. Exists in a single copy. No repeat possible. Absolute exclusive!

Includes passport (certificate of work), gift wrapping.

This bear is a participant of the international exhibitions “Hello Teddy”, “Doll Art” and “Doll Time” 2019.


From the Vintage Teddy Chic 2019 collection.

The philosophy of stones, reflected through Teddy Bears.

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