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Kinetic sculpture "CinemA-FisH"

A mechanical sculpture in the steampunk genre, an absolute image in depth that perfectly conveys the mood of the era of the birth of cinema. The end of the nineteenth century: the rapid development of mechanics, chemistry, physics, and the arts. A critical mass of knowledge has accumulated, and humanity simply had to give birth to something great, and it was born - the Great Dumb - “subsonic” cinema! It became the forerunner of modern cinema.

CinemA-FisH is a perfect embodiment of the image of cinema. The fish is silent and large-scale. Everything in it meets the assigned tasks: form, materials, parts, performance. The smooth movements of the body and all mechanisms create a special mood, fascinate with an impeccable game. The fish looks at our world through the camera lens, shaking her fins thoughtfully.

Rare lenses and a movie camera are used in manufacture of the fish. All parts are handmade of genuine leather, copper, bamboo, American walnut, oak, beech, linden.

The description is not in the author's (workshop's) base language.
Due to the fact that natural wood is used to make this item, the texture and/or pattern of the material of the final item may slightly differ from what is shown in the photographs or displayed on the screen of your device.

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