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Smoking pipe in nerikomi technique

The smoking pipe is made using the “nerikomi” technique — mixing several types of clay to obtain a unique pattern.

I added glass to the recesses of the pipe.

Ceramic smoking pipe completely handmade.

Care recommendations

How to clean. My devices often have complex shapes, so the question may come up — how to clean them? Here’s my advice.

You need a powder for cleaning bongs. If you don’t have one, you can use another cleaning agent, for example, oven cleaner. Dissolve the agent in boiling water. Put the device in the solution. Leave it for a couple of hours. Take it out and rinse very well with water. That’s it. The device is ready for use.


  • Ceramic glaze
  • Clay
  • Glass

Dimensions and weight

10.5 cm
4.1 in
2 cm
0.8 in
3 cm
1.2 in
100 g
3.5 oz

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