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Pocket bubbler

This is a beach bum who gets up in the afternoon and lazily drinks coffee because he has nowhere to hurry. He is always on vacation)

If you want to catch the same zen, use his cup, brew a drink of aromatic herbs and just slow down.

You can pour water into the device, which will make the process more comfortable.
And thanks to its compact size, it is convenient to take it with you.

Ceramic bubbler completely handmade.

Care recommendations

How to clean a clay device?

You will need powder for cleaning bongs.
If it is not available, you can use an oven cleaner.

Dissolve the powder in boiling water. Place the device in the solution.
Leave it for a couple of hours.

Take out and rinse with water.
The device is ready for use.


  • Ceramic glaze
  • Clay

Dimensions and weight

13.5 cm
5.3 in
10 cm
3.9 in
5 cm
2.0 in
150 g
5.3 oz

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