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Mug + smoking pipe (2 in 1) Berries

In this mug you can brew not only your favorite drink, but also something else.

There is a special device for this purpose — a bowl with a mine, hidden inside the mug.

Use this device depending on your preferences and mood, and enjoy the process and the appearance of the mug.

And such a gift to a loved one will definitely not leave him indifferent.

Ceramic mug with built-in smoking pipe completely handmade.

Care recommendations

How to clean a clay device?

You will need bong cleaning powder.
If you don’t have it, you can replace it with oven cleaner.

Dissolve the item in boiling water. Put the device in the solution.
Leave it for a couple hours.

Take it out and rinse it with water.
The device is ready for use.


  • Ceramic glaze
  • Clay

Dimensions and weight

12 cm
4.7 in
16.5 cm
6.5 in
10 cm
3.9 in
500 g
1 lb 1.6 oz

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