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Terms of Reference for Photographers

Last modified: March 25, 2021


1.1.  Aspect ratio: 16:9 horizontal – the empty space to the right and left of the item can be filled with decorative elements.

1.2.  Minimum resolution: 1920x1080 px.

1.3.  Color: in color.

1.4.  File format: .jpg.


2.1.  Each item shall be represented by a set of 3-8 photos.

2.2.  At least two photos of the item must be imprinted whole, from different sides, but from the same distance and from the same height. In the remaining photos individual elements of the item can be captured - the most interesting details in close-up.


3.1.  Focus should be on the item or its element.

3.2.  The item shall be well lit.

In this case, the glossy surface of the item in the photo shall not have glare that impedes color reproduction or erodes the visible contour of the item.

In addition, the glossy surface of the item in the photograph should not have a clear reflection of equipment or other objects that are not related to the composition.

3.3.  Filters should not distort the actual color of the item.


4.1.  The use of a monophonic background is permissible if its use does not entail a visual disappearance of the background (for example, if there is a play of light / shadow on the background, if the wall and floor differ in shade, etc.).

4.2.  It is permissible to use a natural background using the blur effect.

4.3.  Use of textured backgrounds is encouraged.

4.4.  It is desirable to create a minimalistic composition, the decorative elements of which serve as a backdrop to the photographed item. Flatlay is encouraged.


5.1.  The image shall not contain any inscriptions, logos, watermarks or other signs or patterns.

5.2.  The image shall not have overlay frames or clip art.

5.3.  The image shall not consist of several images (shall not be a collage).


6.1.  The terms of the contract between the photographer and the author may restrict the right to use the images only on While adding photos on the website you can indicate the name of the photographer and add the link to his or her Instagram account.

6.2.  The time for order is standard (not urgent);

6.3.  The location is determined by the photographer.

6.4.  Delivery to the place of shooting and return to the author – as agreed by the parties.

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